Bert Riddick and His Achievements

Bert Riddick is known to be one of the greatest casino investors of all times. The native Nevadan was born in Carlin, a tiny mining town. Together with his wife Vivian who was from Ely, they spent most of their lives tucked in Northern Nevada where they frequently traveled to Tonopah and Reno. During his twenties, Bert Riddick was a saloon worker and a miner and first worked at Tonopah Club for Nick Abelman. During this time, he used to tend bar, deal stud, roulette and even faro and prop up poker games. Being quite dexterous, he made a great dealer even though when he was aged 25 years, his main interest was the running the overall business.

First Steps

When mining in Goldfield and Tinopah paid out, Bert Riddick moved back to Ely together with his family so that he could get closer to his wife’s family. At the time, he was highly involved with Bank Club. Being a casino visitor, Bert Riddick was highly interested in investing with Pavlovich and Abelman. However, he strongly insisted that he was going to be one of the full partners and was willing to handle most administrative duties. Until 1933, Bert Riddick would leave his family at Ely after legalization of gaming in Nevada. Before them, together with his partners, they had opened Ship and Bottle casino at Reno.

Being a Casino Owner

Years later, the partners increased their investments in Riverside Buffet that was managed by Nick while Bert Riddick and Steve handled Ship and Bottle casino. To the anticipation of his partners, Nick was to spend a lot more time through his demands for the finest art work, light features and floor covers that graced the Reno casino. Due to his efforts of improving the income of the Ship and Bottle, Bert Riddick introduced additional slot machines alongside the tub- styled craps game. Despite the inclusion of these extra gaming devices, there was no doubt that roulette was favored more by Ship’s patrons that included local boxing favorites Jack Dempsey and Max Baer and Hollywood Starlets.

Years later, Bert Riddick and his partners bought the Stateline Country Club that was owned by Cal Custer. They started a continuous process of facility upgrading and expanded the showroom, gaming floor and even bought more land near the state line. After the closing of Ship and Bottle casino, Bert Riddick started managing Riverside Buffet casino that by then catered to biggest players in the industry of Nevada casino. In 1937, together with Ole Elliot, Bert Riddick negotiated for a deal of purchasing Hotel Nevada and Casino. They financed the $80, 000 cost of the casino with $40,000 chattel mortgage as well as a trust deed worth $40, 000 and repaid the notes in less than three years. In 1950, Bert Riddick became the vice president of White Pine Racing Associated that was held at Bank Club in Ely. Bert Riddick had other interests in many other smaller casinos like Eureka Bank Club.