The Big Six Game

This game is also known as the Wheel of Fortune. It is a table game with tough odds and a high house edge. For these reasons, many casino game players avoid it, especially if they want to make a lot of money from gambling. This is because this game offers slim chances of winning good money comparing with other games in the casino.

Basics of the Big Six Wheel Casino Game

There is a big spinning wheel that is set vertically on a special spindle. It is divided into tiny sections with each section representing a particular monetary denomination. There is also a section for a joker and a wild card. The idea is to wager on a denomination or symbol of choice so that when the wheel is spun if it stops at the number or symbol you have wagered on, you win.

The Wheel in the Big Six

This wheel is six feet in diameter with 54 slots each with a symbol. These 7 symbols are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, joker and a casino logo. The numbers are in dollars, and in front of the wheel there is a table. This table is used to set bets and the amount on the wheel corresponds to the money that a player is likely to win. The "big six" game has six possible payoffs, and this is the reason it is referred to as the big six. The 54 spots on the wheel are distributed as follows.

Distribution of Numbers on the Wheel of Fortune

  • 23 - $1
  • 15 - $2
  • 8 - $5
  • 4 - $ 10
  • 2 - $ 20
  • 1 – Joker
  • 1- Casino

In total, these are 54 spots.

The Disadvantages of Big Six

The Big Six has the potential to give players massive payouts. A player is able to win at odds of 45 to 1. However, it poses a lot of risks, and this has caused many players to be wary of it. Compared to other casino games, the "big six" game has a house edge of between11.1% to 24%. This is the highest house edge when it comes to casino games offered in many places. However, it is normally placed in high visibility areas like casino exits. This means that many gamblers resort to playing the game at least once, and this is a boon for many players. While the players lose, this game is a big money maker for casino owners.

Variations of the Big Six Game

There are a lot of variations on this game. There is the money wheel, which is identifiable by the symbol of money bills on the wheel. In this variation, the payout depends on the value printed on the wheel. Special symbols pay out 40/45 to 1. There is the Dice wheel, where each segment on the wheel is represented by three dice with numbers. This form of big six is normally found in fundraisers and carnival games. While the big six wheel in USA has 54 segments, the ones in Australia, New Zealand and the UK have 52 segments with the spaces marked by a selection from seven symbols. The big six is a game that offers significant risks, but is capable of resulting in huge payouts.